Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chinese Food On Christmas

Brandon Harris Walker's snappy little ditty has been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks. I've held out, waiting for the X day itself. And here we are. So stuffed on take-out from the local 'China King', Teruah presents...

Chinese Food On Christmas

The song's pretty funny, though I could do without the "outrageous scenarios" in the video. Not because I can't handle satire but because the scenarios were cliché and poorly executed. Fake beards and stopping a car to pick up a coin? C'mon, Walker. Get original. Go watch a Hip Hop Hoodios video. Those guys can do satire and mean it.

Evidently I'm not the only one who wasn't keen on the video. Here's Walker's response to some negative comments on YouTube:
"A number of people have expressed their discontent with the way Jews are portrayed in some of the scenes in this video. To these people I say, the music video for 'Chinese Food On Christmas' is a satire. It employs outrageous scenarios, such as a car full of Jews slamming on the brakes to pick up a coin, to show just how silly and ridiculous our stereotypes can be. Jews are one of the most charitable cultural groups in the world, and anyone who takes any time to look into these stereotypes will realize that they are simply untrue."

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