Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wondering Jew Talks Jewish Music

I was catching up on Jewish music vids to hit Google recently and stumbled across this gem. The Wondering Jew, an anonymous "Benjamin something-that-sounds-like Chielminitzy", an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, recently started a video blog. One of his first topics is frum Jewish Music, and why he just can't get into it. If you want a crash course in contemporary frum Jewish Music that's laugh-out-loud funny in spots and dead on accurate, check it out.

The Wondering Jew: Jewish Music

To be fair, there are some really good and really interesting musicians who are frum and playing to frum audiences. Yosef Karduner may not be Sting, but his voice and music work are as deep as it gets. And I have to differ...I really dig Lipa and actually listen to Carelbach for the music as well as the stories. Really. But still, this is priceless.


Anonymous said...

He's not anonymous, he gives his name right up front - Benjamin something-that-sounds-like Chielminitzy.

Come now Benjamin - putting aside the Jewish music issue - how long can you listen to Nirvana, Clapton or Guns n Roses and the like?

Which brings us (me, anyway) to the question, what's music for anyway?

Jack said...

Dovid...good catch. When I was writing the post I couldn't find any info on his YouTube page and forgot he'd given his name at the beginning of the video.

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