Friday, September 19, 2008

Ki Karov Eilecha (E.L.U.L.) by Shir Yaakov and Friends

Shabbat Shalom folks,

Time for my get in Shabbat groove video. This week it's hard to focus on Shabbat because Rosh Hashanna is getting so near, so I'm going with an early get in the "Rosh Hashana" groove video.

Here's Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Felt's Ki Karov Eilecha performed by Feinstein-Feit with Tamuz Shiran, Tali Weinberg, Basya Schechter and Jessie Reagen at Mima'amkim's "By the Reverb of Babylon" at the Bowery Poetry Club. Sigh. I wish I lived in New York and could attend these things in person. Someday.

Ki Karov Eilecha (E.L.U.L.) by Shir Yaakov and Friends

According to Shir Yaakov, "The first four words of the chorus of this song — את–לבבך ואת–לבב — are an acronym for Elul, (אלול) the month that we use to prepare for the Days of Awe. This seems to imply that carrying love in our mouths and hearts is a matter of great nearness, simplicity, and utmost importance." He's provided the full lyrics in Hebrew, English transliteration, and English translation. You can also download a free studio version of this song courtesy of Shir Yaakov and Last.FM.

You can scoop up Shir Yaakov's new EP "Shir" over at CD Baby, get more info on him and listen to lots more of his music at his website, and catch some more of his Bowery performance on YouTube here and here.

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