Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday Night Klezmer Collective

Here's another fun klezmer video. This is the "Wednesday Night Klezmer Collective" cranking away on the klezmer classic, Odessa Bulgar. I don't know anything about the Collective yet, but I enjoyed the informal atmosphere. I get the impression that there was a real mix of skill level in the video, which is great. I particularly enjoyed the sound of the male voice leading the musician and providing some additional nuance to the music. Good fun.

Odessa Bulgar

UPDATE: I exchanged some email with Phil Blank, artist and accordion player, about the collective. Here's his explanation.
"Nice to hear from you. I had seen your blog before and dig it. "mix of skill levels"- ha! yes I guess that's one way to say it. As the accordion player I probably represent one extreme of those levels but hey, I'm having fun.

The WNKC is a group of folks who just get together occasionally and play off of a core repetoire of trad klezmer. We all live near Carrboro NC. My idea was that instead of band, we would be a loose affiliation of folks who could come and go as they please. I thought this might be an interesting way of building a community- slightly different than the sort you get in a traditional "band" situation. So far so good. Yup, it was a practice, right after we all had some tasty pickled eggplant, mushroom flatbreads, fried cheese thingies and some other tasty stuff I can't
Hat tip to YouTube user Accordiannutz for posting this video and a stack of others.

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