Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carl Dimow's "klezmerish jam on bass flute"

I guess this is klezmer week on Teruah. Today's feature is an interesting video of Carl Dimow of the The Casco Bay Tummlers, Zhok Therapy ("the unruly alter-ego" of the Tummlers) and the Kolosko Dimow Duo playing on the Us Folk radio show. According to his bio Dimow is an "eclectic and creative musician. His performances range from classical music to jazz, from klezmer to blues, and from original theater music to traditional folk music." And he gives lessons!

For more info on Dimow and hear audio clips from his many albums, check out his website. Dimow has posted additional videos on Vimeo, all well worth the listen. If anyone is surprised to hear klezmer flute and wants to learn more about it, check out Adrianne Greenbaum's FleytMuzik website. She's the reigning queen of the klezmer flute and has a lot to say about it's history.

Hat Tip to Us Folk for hosting the show. Us Folk is a weekly program on WMPG Portland, Maine, and streams live at 10:30 Eastern Time. Hat tip to Vimeo user CTD3 for filming and posting this video and lots more.

Updated: Vimeo user CTD3 is none other than Us Folk host Chris Darling. Thanks Chris!

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