Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm a poshiter yid!

Ok. I'm an excitable guy. This great bumper-sticker came with Lipa's new album and I couldn't resist slapping it on. "Poshiter yid" is Yiddish for "simple Jew"and is both the title of Lipa's new's album and his response to Charedi critics who think his music is unfit for traditional Jews. BlogInDm has a great explanation...
"[Poshiter Yid] is a very subversive disc. The graphical elements in the packaging, marketing, and music all work together to set up the theme, Lipa the "Poshiter Yid", the simple Jew. The CD cover shows the simple Jew, Lipa, (who appears to have dropped his last name, although it is on the door of the hut pictured on the cover) learning Torah in front of his hovel.

In a very smart move, Lipa has included a bumper sticker and bookmark in the CD packaging. The bumper sticker reads “I’m A Poshiter Yid” in English and “’kh’ Bin A Poshuter Yid” in Yiddish, both in simple type. The bumper sticker is the perfect means to enable the "amkho" to show their displeasure to rabbinic leadership run amok in a non-confrontational way. It's hard to take issue with the sentiment expressed. Bet you'll see a lot of these around."

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