Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lipa booted of stage (and just when it was getting good)

So I was just listening to Lipa's "Wake Up" again and said I've got to get me some more of that. I'm hoping to pick up the disc soon, but for now I wandered over to YouTube to see what I might find. And here's a doozy. First, the tune is kick'n. I am officially a Lipa fan at this point. No reservations. The guy is fabulous.

But, controversy rears its ugly head. The performance, which appears to be at Camp MaNaVu, is interrupted mid-song by an angry rebbe Elchonon Schwartz. Lipa gets pushed of the stage and scolded. Crowd cheers for lipa. Microphone gets turned off. Concert over.

Camp MaNaVu Lipa Concert CW Break (part 1)

And here's part II with the rebbe getting angry at the crowd and the crowd,of frum Jews, not buying it. And then, the crisis is over and Lipa is back on stage? But the argument continues. Fascinating to watch.

Camp MaNaVu Lipa Concert CW Break (part 2)

UPDATE: Ok. I missed the joke. Evidently the whole thing is a put on, part of a camp 'color war.'
Sigh. Thanks to BlogInDm for straightening me out. He also points out that the riff that prompted the kerflufle in the video is lifted from the R&B musician Usher. Which I also should have recognized, but didn't. Oh well.

UPDATE 2: Chaim at LifeOfRubin explains the whole color war thing and puts it all in context.

Hat tip to Camp MaNaVu for posting the video.


Jordan said...

Perhaps the Rabbi stripping off his beard should have been a hint.

Jack said...

Yeah, you'd think so. ;) Problem is I was at work when I was watching the videos, which means I was more listening than watching. I missed that bit. Sigh. Not my cleverest moment. But still a great video. What a hoot.

Chaim said...

What's so brilliant about this break out is that it's so believable and expected no one would suspect it's a prank.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.....just like when I was a camper at Kol Ree Nah (MNV's spiritual predecessor) in 1968 when Chazan Werdyger and his Musical Director Jack Goldstein got into a tiff at a recording session that was to include the entire camp population....and when I was in the band for an Avraham Fried concert at MNV and a similar scenario took place, probably 20 years after that.....even R. Shloime Klein(or just "Shloimy" as we called him in those days) knows that there are limited scenarios with which to breakout color war. Hey once every twenty years ain't so bad to recycle a good idea.

Anonymous said... has a story on it: