Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeedle - not funky, but funkish?

Ok, so I just coined a new term. Funkish. Jewish + Funky - most of the funkiness.

Yesterday I posted the latest Chassidic pop video from Lipa, today I'm posting the latest from Yeedle. Like Lipa, listening to Yeedle is a bit of a surreal experience. Warm, upbeat, sincere (lots of sincere), a good bounce, and a complete recapitulation of a moment in time 30 years ago when uptown Saturday Night Fever disco and downtown James Brown funk were finding each other. Only not nearly as funky as James Brown, and missing the over-the-top falsetto glitter of disco. Almost but not quite funky. Funkish.

Funkish. But fun. And Yeedle does it well. I'm probably going to nab a copy of this one and Lipa's latest. They'll make great road music. What do you think?

Yeedle Lev Echad Demo HI

You can get the new Yeedle album from Eichlers and Mostly Music. PeretzMedia did the fun animation. Good job, folks.

Ok, I can't resist. Here's the official promo text for the album from Eichlers. Who writes this stuff? A bio of everyone involved and not a word about the music other than it's sure to be a hit. Wow. Yeedle actually wrote a couple of songs AND has talent and sophistication. Bleah.
Yeedle is approaching the finish line in assembling his fifth solo album. Years of meticulously selecting songs have resulted in a mix of brilliant melodies. He is featuring lively compositions from his father - the inimitable MBD; a masterpiece wedding song by Moshe Mona Rosenblum and MBD; a selection of soulful kumzitz tracks from R'Akiva Homnick & impressively, Yeedle co-wrote several songs with the renowned Eli Laufer.

This track was written by the remarkably talented Israeli artist - Aron Razel. MBD & Aron Razel join Yeedle with original vocals on this sure-to-be-a-hit song. The trio blend is phenomenal! The title of the album is Rikod Rikod. This song is off the charts!! Yeedle and Lipa wrote the lyrics and you will sure be “rikoding” to it real soon.

The dynamic arrangements were created by the masters in this arena: Moshe Laufer, Eli Laufer, Moshe Mona Rosenblum and Aron Razel. All choirs were conducted and recorded impeccably, in Israel by Moshe Mona Rosenblum. Mixing and post-production work has been keeping the maestro Eli Lishinsky real busy. The powerful forces collaborating on Yeedle's album attest to his talent and sophistication.


Anonymous said...

this stuff was written ages ago - anybody have a real details on the album. i hear yeedle's stuff is flying off the shelves

Jack said...

I snagged a copy of the Yeedle and Lipa albums on Friday, but only gave it a quick listen. The nice lady at the store noted that Lipa was flying off the shelves, but didn't say anything about Yeedle doing the same.

As for current comments, JoeFlix just posted a review. He was ambivalent, liked some tracks but was disappointed with others. His is the first review I've seen.

Anonymous said...

disagree - FUNKY and STYLISH is more like it

Jack said...

Grin. I'll take that.

Seriously, I picked up the disc on Friday and liked it. But you have to understand, from my perspective the whole Chassidic funk/disco/horns sound is entertaining but over-produced and bland. A 'soft jazz' show-tune version of real funk. Yeedle and Lipa's albums show a bit more fire and creativity than most of the rest I've heard, hence me shelling out my own $ for them. But still only funk-lite. Funkish.

Anonymous said...

disagree totally. this guy's got funk like nobody's business - it's just not "in your face" like the other cheesy people to try to funk it up. maybe his song order wasn't so smart though

Anonymous said...

heard the track hureeyu - seriously funky! The song ilan really talks to me as well. and for the record the first store i went to in monsey was sold-out. so it is flying off shelves i suppose