Monday, December 22, 2008

Hanukkah Day 1: Al Hanisim

Happy Hanukkah everyone.

I'm going to put up one or two Hanukkah songs a day for the week. I was a bit tied up this morning (meaning I was obsessively checking the download stats on my new Teruah podcast) and didn't get my day one video's up. But better late than never. Here's a bunch of folks at a Hanukkah party in Jerusalem a couple of years ago singing Al Hanisim. The video is pretty dark, but the singing is great fun. Wish I was there. The melody is easy to pick up and HebrewSongs has the lyrics, so add this one to you next Hanukkah party.

Hat tip to rebezra posting the videos.

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izzy cohen said...

Old Moze, the Israeli tour guide, was well-past retirement age but he continued to take older tourists to locations that were not too hard to get to. His customers always enjoyed these tours. You could ask any of them and they would literally sing his praises:

Moze's tour ya sure oughtta see
G \ D _/ G / C \ B __\ A ___\ G
(where \ means the next note is lower and / means it is higher)

Israel "izzy" Cohen