Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hanukkah Day 7: Frank Chilik's Maoz Tzur

I'm still running behind but can't resist finishing off my Hanukkah blog posts. Can't have Hanukkah end on day 6, right? So indulge me.

Here's Israeli clarinetist Frank Chilik playing an arrangement of Maoz Tzur. If I follow his Hebrew during the intro, I think he said that this arrangement comes from a Breslov niggun. According to the video notes, the video was "[f]ilmed in the burial cave of the Sandhedrin near Shimon HaTzaddik's grave in Jerusalem" and "Chilik recently published a new album." According to Chilik's bio,
"[his] lyrical, virtuosic playing has made him one of the greatest Hasidic and klezmer clarinetists. He is in high demand with his band in Israel and internationally and has released several recordings including many of his own compositions. His extensive repertoire includes hundreds of nigunim from all major Hasidic traditions as well as a vast repertoire of Eastern European and Meron style klezmer."
You can find his albums at Israel Music and at Mostly Music.

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