Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teruah Podcast Episode 1: The Hanukkah Show

Hi folks,

I finally went and did it. I started a podcast. I'm looking at it as a companion piece to this blog and, like the blog it will be mostly me talking about and playing some of the great music I find. You can download it here:

Teruah Podcast Episode 1: The Hanukkah Show

If you want to subscribe here's the URL for the podcast feed:

If you're hip to podcasts that's all you need to know. If not, here's a bit of explanation. A podcast is just audio program like a radio show. In my case it's the 'excitable DJ spinning discs at 1AM on community radio style' of radio show. Technically, a podcast is just an .MP3 audio file that you download to your computer and then, if desired, to a .MP3 player. You can do it just like that, one show at a time. Or you can use 'podcatcher' software like iTunes to automatically download each new show when it comes out. If you use iTunes, just hit "subscribe to new podcast" and then cut and paste the feed URL above into text box. That's it. If you need help, let me know.

Episode 1: The Hanukkah Show features a few off-beat picks for favorite new Hanukkah music. These are songs I listened to when looking for some Hanukkah music for the lite rock radio station I was helping. These songs didn't fit their format, but are great none-the-less.

Intro theme: Selection from Kletka Red's "Jew in Jerusalem" from the Radical Jewish Culture album "Hijacking"

Podcast tracks:
1. RebbeSoul's "Rock of Ages" from his album "Change the World with a Sound" available through CD Baby or the RebbeSoul website.

2. The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble's "Drey zikh, dreydele – Spin, Little Dreydl" from their album "Chanukah is Freylekh! A Yiddish Chanukah Celebration. Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me: Volume Two" available through CD Baby.

3. Lipa Schmeltzer's "Oy Chanukah" from his DVD "The Lipa Experience" available from Sameach Records & Also, check out Lipa's "Oy Chanukah" video on YouTube. This guy is one of a kind.

4. Erran Baron Cohen's "My Hanukkah (Keep the Fire Alive) Featuring Y-Love and Dana Kerstein from the album "Songs in the Key of Hanukkah" available on New Line Records. The album's available through Amazon and iTunes. If you dig this track you need to check out Y-Love's solo album "This Is Babylon." (You can also catch an NPR interview ith Y-Love)

5. Cantor Richard Kaplan's Breslov Hanukkah nigun "Uminotar Kankanim" from the Estelle Frankel and Richard Kaplan album "The Kabbalah of Chanukkah." You can find this album and more on his website. If you enjoyed the nigun, you might also check out NeoHasid.Org which has a large and off-beat collection of niggunim or the "Breslov on the Internet" website.

6. Last but not least, The Leevees "Latke Clan" from their album "Hanukkah Rocks" available through JDub Records.

It's been great fun putting this podcast together. I plan on doing this once a month or so, so stay tuned!


Mottel said...

I just had a chance to check out the podcast -good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Excellent podcast! My wife's review: I LOVE IT! as she danced with our 3 year old and 8 month old daughters.

Look forward to the next podcast.

Chag Chanukah Sameach

Jack said...

Thanks so much. It means a lot to me that you and your family enjoyed it so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack:

We appreciate all your efforts in making us aware of Jewish music we would never have imagined existed. Certainly, we would have not ventured out to sample the diverse tracks that you brought to your podcast. It occurred to me what a great thing it is to have Jewish music---to lift our voices.

Thanks again and all the best.


avrohom said...
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avrohom said...

Hi Jack,
Thanks a lot! It really made my day! Nevertheless it was post Hanukkah!
Yashar Koach!

Thanks a lot!

Jack said...

Thanks folks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm having a blast putting it together and hope to have the next one out around Jan 15.