Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Joy of Oypod

Where can you find updates on Jewish music, Israeli slang, an in depth study of bumper stickers, and an answer to the burning question "How Britney Spears Ties in with this week's parsha?" Only on Oypod, the Jewish Teen Podcast.
Oypod has been active since mid 2005 and puts out a new 'cast every couple of months. Fortunately, all 17 podcasts are available from the Oypod website and rss feed. I'd hate for anyone to miss a minute. The host, Danny(?), is a teenager in California and is the kind of kid I would have liked to hang out with when I was I high school. He's smart, funny, and very at ease with being Jewish in a way I wasn't at his age. That makes the each 'cast friendly and accessible. Good stuff.

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