Thursday, March 8, 2007

More Jewish Internet Radio Stations and Television

I just added a couple more online Jewish music radio stations to my list. I'm not jumping up and down about any of them, but they're worth passing on.

I also saw an advertisement for Jewish Life Television and it's sister radio station "Big J radio." JLT is a fledgling cable network with an interesting programming line-up. I'm hoping my provider picks them up. In particular I'm excited about a segment called "Theodore Bikel Sings Nightly."
"JLTV is honored to include Theo Bikel, one of the most versatile and respected actors and performers in its program schedule. He is a master of languages, dialects, accents, and is an ardent Zionist.

Theo played the role of Tevye in nearly 2,000 performances of Fiddler on the Roof and has recorded a multitude of albums of Yiddish, Israeli and Russian folksongs. He skillfully accompanies himself on guitar, mandolin, balalaika and harmonica. Bikel Sings will spotlight a different song each night with a preface by Theo explaining the Jewish substance of the song."
That sounds just about perfect. Until I can watch on TV, I can try to catch the programming online via their live internet cast.

Jewish Life TV's sister radio station, Big J, is also available online. I'm listening to it right now and am enjoying the fact that it has an actual DJ and isn't just a playlist. It's a strange mix, though. Here's the official description:

"Underground Jewish radio is now on-the-air at bringing an array of music to the 12-34 year olds including American Jewish and Israeli rap, Jewish rock, along with hits from the 60s and 70s from the American rock and soul scene. News of Jewish youth groups, Jewish day and high schools, as well as entertainment news, are included in The Big J Radio’s programming, which is part of the Jewish Life Radio and Television Network."

70's soul hits? Ok. If you say so. I'm not seeing the connection. Right now it's playing the Etan G's "Making a Motzee" rap, a track off of Wolf Krakowski's Yiddish Pop "Transmigrations: Gilgul," Chutzpah's "SuperJew" rap, and a hip-hop track from Israel's Subliminal. Ok, it's a little hip-hop heavy for me, but Big J gets points for contemporary Jewish eclectica. But 70's soul hits? I haven't heard any yet but I'm scared.

Life-of-Rubin also posted about Shmais Radio and Olam Radio. Not much for me to say. On a quick listen, both seem to begood stations oriented to the Chassidic/Orthodox 'shiny shoe' crowd. They both seem to have a good mix of artists but I have to be in the right mood.

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