Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Shlock Rock: Jewish Pride Keeps You Strong

Where have these guys been all my life? (Or, more pointedly, where have I been all my life?). Shlock Rock has been there. They've been writing and playing Jewish rock and roll original music and song parodies for 20 years. According to their website, they've played thousands of concerts across the US, Canada, Australia, Israel, England and South Africa and recorded at least 20 albums with the goal of "promoting Jewish continuity through music."

I just found out about Shlock Rock because of my Purim Music post last week. In the post I linked to a couple of fun Purim videos on YouTube. The video that got the best response: Shlock Rock. I had find out who they were.

It kills me that I didn't know about them years ago. I've always loved parody music. A friend and I used to (20 years ago) compete in High School talent shows, lip-syncing Tom Lehrer and Weird Al Yankovic songs. (Now that's a YouTube video I hope never to see).

Anyway, maybe there's no Grammy winning potential here, but there is a big heart filled with a lot of love for being Jewish. Check out Shlock Rock performing "Yo Yo Yo Yalmuke" and then go buy an album or three. That's my plan.


RaggedyMom said...

Did you also know that one of the founding members of Shlock Rock is a blogger?.

Jack said...

I didn't. PsychoToddler left a comment on my Purim Music post, but I hadn't had a chance to read his blog. I'm looking forward to it.