Thursday, March 29, 2007

Menorah's Little Seder and other vintage children's music at the Judica Sound Archives

Album cover of The Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University is putting a small (but growing) collection of vintage Judaica recordings that includes "cantorial, holiday, traditional, folk and some of the best renditions of theater classics you've ever heard."What's exciting me at the moment is their collection of children's music.
"This project seeks to provide children, parents and teachers with access to the work of pioneers in the field of Jewish children’s music. Recorded by the Gewirtz Family and others from the early 1950’s through 1970, these recordings teach children about Jewish family traditions using a combination of songs and stories."
What a great slice of musical life. I'm currently listening to "Menorah's Little Seder" which is delightful. It's a fast take on the major motif's of the seder. Nothing too deep, but I'll bet my girls would love it. It would be wonderful if the JSA allowed download of the recordings, but I'm grateful that they've put the collection on the web. Dayenu!

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