Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Image USA - Sephardic Community Radio (And Subliminal gedenk's, do you?)

Image USA logo I got a nice email today from the folks over at Image USA, a website for the "Sephardic community online." It seems like a nice website, with articles, community calendars, video and photo galleries and community targeted advertisements. And, best of all, they have their own internet radio station. I'm looking forward to listening in. Here's how they describe themselves...
"Image Magazine has a twenty-year history of serving the Sephardic Jewish Community. Our website, www.imageusa.com, is helping people continue to connect and enjoy the centuries' old traditions that are so dear to all of us. We have recently made our entire magazine available on our site in pdf form."


As an added bonus, here's one of the video's that Image USA links to.

God Almighty When Will It End? Subliminal & Miri Ben-Ari

Here's a section of the (long) video description..
"This song is dedicated to the Jewish Holocaust and is part of the Gedenk movement. The Gedenk Movement (Remember!) A humanitarian campaign to raise youth awareness about genocide through art and education. Gedenk is a word that means "remember" in Yiddish. Gedenk is a movement established in 2006 as a humanitarian campaign that promotes youth education about anti-Semitism and the Jewish Holocaust.

Gedenk will use commercial outlets, i.e. music, dance, billboards and celebrities, to communicate its message and make the Jewish Holocaust relevant to today's youth. Those that do not speak up are as guilty as the criminals themselves!"
For more info on the Gedenk Movement, visit their website GedenkMovement.Org. For more info on the Israeli rapper Subliminal, see his Wikipedia page. For more info on the Grammy winning Israeli violinist, Miri Ben-Ari, see her website and her Wikipedia page.

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