Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Soulico Mixtape: Archeology- A Deep Dig Into Israeli Grooves

Soulico Mixtape PosterTalk about retro fabulous. I've got visions of yalmakas pinned onto grooving Jewfros and that sure is a beautiful thing. JDub Records and Soulico, the Israeli hip hop group, have just released a mixtape called Archeology: A Deep Dig Into Israeli Grooves. According to JDub....
"It's an hour full of Hasidic Disco, Spirutal Soul, Yamanite Funk, Turkish Acid Rock, Arabic Jazz & much more, all recorded & released in Israel by local musicians & artists in the 70's and early 80's. 95% of the tunes were never reissued on CD and were fairly obscure even when they originally came out. This is the result of a decade of digging in Tel-Aviv's record shops & Flea markets..

Download the Mixtape for FREE - DOWNLOAD"
Download the file now while it's available and get ready for some serious boogie.

Hat tip to the BlogInDm for letting me know about it.

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