Sunday, July 27, 2008

Remedy - Never Again

Yesterday I speculated, tongue firmly in cheek, on how (and whether) Scott Ian of Anthrax's Judaism impacts his music. Today I've got a video from a popular rapper who's connection with Judaism doesn't require much speculation. Remedy is a rapper and an affiliate of the popular hip-hop collective, The Wu-Tang Clan, and runs Code Red Entertainment and the Clan's Killa Bees project. Remedy's rap 'Never Again' picks up on the standard 'never again' response to the Holocaust, personalizing it with details about Remedy's own family members lost. The video below shows Remedy performing at the Ohio State Hillel during the 2007 Ohio Loves Israel summit.

Remedy Performing "Never Again" at OSU Hillel

Hat tip to YouTube user OSUHillel1 (the Ohio State Univiersity Hillel) for posting the video.

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