Friday, July 18, 2008

Polish Chazzanut

Definitely my week for cantorial music. Shira, of the Shira bat Sarah blog just left me a comment on my post "Cantor Leib Glantz: The Man Who Spoke To God" pointing me (and us) to this wonderful cantorial performance. This is my favorite kind of chazzanut. Heavy on traditional nusach, light (or absent) operatic embellishments. Thanks Shira!
(From the YouTube notes) "This special piece of amazing "chazanut" was taken in an old & beautiful synagogue in Poland in a small village by the name "tiktin" the cantor is mr' Zvi Slonim - 7th generation to the old Rabbi of Lubbavivh the "Ba'al-Hatania"
Tzur Israel - Zvi Slonim

Hat tip to YouTube user noamlm for posting the video.


Anonymous said...

I've watched this video numerous times and still can't get over the depth of feeling he invokes.

Anonymous said...

i love this video too, it is really touching.

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