Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lipa's "Wake Up" and safe surprises

Courtesy of the Jewish Music Insider blog (and BlogInDm) here's one from the Chassidic pop world. Lipa is a popular, and a bit controversial, entertainer with a new album out. Despite myself, I totally dig Lipa. I say despite myself because I find most Chassidic pop bands to have a bland, lounge act, kind of sound. Lipa is both smart enough to know the limits of his genre and has a good enough sense of humor to play with them (while respecting them). The change of rhythm at the bridge (about 1.14 into the video) and Mo Kiss' vamp at 2.48 made it for me. They both say (to me) clearly that Lipa could have launched into just about anything at those moments and made them work. The fact that he settled back into slightly modified versions of the original rhythm was just fine and reinforced that this is about safe surprises. If this was a John Zorn Radical Jewish Culture avante garde performance or audience, that safety would be a liability. Here, in a genre all about safety, the sense of (even safe) surprise and possibility makes it come alive.

Lipa Concert in Camp Romimu 2008- "Wake Up"

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You can get info on his upcoming appearances and his new album through his website and Mostly Music.

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