Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Going to camp with Ahavat Haaretz

My summer camp experience as kid never included concerts from Israeli pop stars. Bug juice. Bugs. Surviving archery. Getting rained on a lot. All of that, I had. But no pop stars. Jewish kids these days have it made.

According to their website, Ahavat Haaretz (love of the land) "is the creation of Roi and Osnat Levy. As a founding member of the Israeli supergroup Shotei HaNevuah (The Fools of Prophecy), Roi's songwriting skills are most evident in this exciting new ensemble.
Roi won the prestigious "Composer of the Year Award" in 2004 from ACUM, the Israeli version of ASCAP. His compositions for Shotei HaNevuah helped both of the band's albums reach "platinum". Osnat has been studying music her whole life and her abilities as a vocalist and instrumentalist are most evident."

They spent July bopping across the US visiting Jewish summer camps. The YouTube video below catches them at Emma Kaufman Camp in Morgantown, West Virginia and elsewhere. You can hear some more clips of their music and (if so inclined, book them for your venue) at JArts and catch more of their videos at YouTube.

Ahavat Haaretz Summer Mini-Tour 2007

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