Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lipa goes on a diet

I've been pretty busy this past week and haven't gotten any posts out. I've got a backlog of great stuff, including a few long pieces and a couple of reviews, but just no time to write them up. But when I saw this video (hat tip to Dos Music and Metal Jew) I knew I had to share it. How often do you see a Chassid sing about laying off the kugel and kiska in a video that quotes' the pop band "Ok Go?"

Lipa Schmeltzer (usually just referred to as Lipa) is one of the most popular Hasidic Jewish musicians right now. He has a bunch of solo albums available (see Jewish Jukebox or Mostly Music for a good assortment). He's also performed many times at the annual HASC benefit concerts and has a bunch of music videos.

Like many traditional Jewish performers, he's raised some controversy in his own community by incorporating contemporary pop music forms into his music. (check out this letter from condemning his music.) I'm only mentioning the controversy because I'm fascinated by the struggle that the traditional communities have in deciding which outside influences are appropriate and which are not (e.g. the debate over Matisyahu).

You can get more info on Lipa at his Wikipedia entry. Lipa also has ahome page, but it looks pretty non-functional at the moment.

Lipa Schmeltzer sings Diet 2007

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