Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Janet & Jak Esim Ensemble

Eva Broman recently sent the Jewish Music email list a pointer to YouTube videos by the Janet & Jak Esim Ensemble. (Thanks Eva!) The Esims have recorded a series of albums of Turkish Sephardic music, are included in the Putumayo 'Jewish Odyssey' compilation, and have performed around the world. Check out the Oz-Ist website for their discography and some sample .mp3 files, CDRoots to purchase recordings, and, of course, YouTube for more videos.

Janet & Jak ESİM - Por Amar Una Donzea


Anonymous said...

Their works are SPEECHLES !
Hallelujah !There is Janet and Jak Esim to remove the rust of our iron curtainned ears.

Jack said...

Hi Sevdaliserseris...I'm glad you like them. I'm pretty fond of them too. If you like the Esim's, you should check out my "Sephardic Music Roundup". There are a number of equally good Sephardic musical groups you might like.

By the way, you mentioned your "iron curtained ears," where are you located?

Leo said...


They are truly wonderful. And I recognized many of those melodies from my childhood.

Best wishes

/Leo, Sweden