Friday, August 31, 2007

Jewish Waves: What they're listening to in Wisconsin

WTKM 104.9 out of Hartford, Wisconsin, is my kind of station. Polka first. Polka second. And then everything else. And that everything happens to include Jewish Waves, a weekly radio show hosted by Marge Eiseman and Andy Muchin. Jewish Waves provides a "blend of music, commentary, interviews, maybe a recipe, a story or a studio visit with a musician." Those of us not in the Wisconsin listening area can listen to recorded shows. Right now the website only has about 15 shows from February 2007 to May 1 2007. I'm going to email them and see their still on the air.

I heard from Marge Eiseman, one of the show hosts, and they are still broadcasting. They'll either catch up on posting their shows or switch over to a podcasting format sometime soon. By the way, it turns out that Eiseman is singer with one album sold-out on CD-Baby and available for download on OySongs and a new one on the way.

Here's a playlist from their March 4 show. (note the Kinky Friedman. I love these folks!)

Yiddishe Cup - Knish Doctor from Meshugenah Mambo
Joel Chasnoff - The Purim Song from Hannukah Guilt
Carol Reiner & Mel Brooks - Famous People from The 2000 Year Old Man In the Year 2000
Lil Rev (Marc Revenson) - Az der Rebbe Zingt from Can’t Keep the Past Behind Me
Kinky Friedman - The Top Ten Commandments from Sold American
Joel Chasnoff - Haman on the Couch from Hannukah Guilt
Yiddishe Cup - I Am a Man of Constant Blessings from Meshugenah Mambo
Terry Lieberstein - God is in the Checkout Line from Center of the Storm
The Kabalas - Photograph of Aunt Rachel Doing the Cha-Cha-Cha at Cousin Ira’s Bar Mitzvah (circa 1963) from Time Tunnel
Judy Caplan Ginsburgh - Nosh, Nosh a Hamentash from Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Kids
Jack Gabriel - Doobie Dance from Living Tree
Joel Chasnoff - My Name is Elijah from Hannukah Guilt
Robbi Sherwin - Eliyahu from Todah LaChem (Thanks Y’all)
The Kabalas - Freilach 2 from Time Tunnel
Kenny Ellis - Celebrity Seder from The Man Behind the Matzoh Ball

(By the way, I grew up a bit south of Hartford, Connecticut which is the Connecticut state capital. I was always amused that name Hartford is just a polite way of saying 'damp deer crossing'. Yes I know that's a really obscure joke. I was an English major in college and it scarred me. Maybe some day I'll tell joke about the cat and the comma. Or maybe not...)


Anonymous said...

Is that the one that goes What is the difference between a cat and a comma? One has its claws and at the end of its paws.... lol, we must have heard it from the same person... or maybe I heard it from you.


Jack said...

Yeah, you probably heard it from me. You've been scarred too...

It's goes ..

Q: What's the difference between a cat a and a comma?

A: One has claws at the end of it's paws, the other is a clause at the end of a pause.

Anonymous said...

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