Friday, August 10, 2007

The Israeli Folk Music Archive: The Place Where Out-Of-Print Israeli Folk Music is...Alive! Alive!

Israeli Folk Music ArchiveMost LP records never made it to CD, much as most 78's never made it to LP. Every time there's a switch to a new format, a new generation of music fans turn into archaeologists and archivists. Once such archaeologist/archivist loves old Israeli folk music and wants to share the love. The Israeli Folk Music Archive specializes in out-of-print 1950's and 1960's Israeli folk recordings and has a smattering of other genre's including Folk Dance, Youth Groups, Spoken,Comedy, Documentary, Orchestral, Liturgical, Choral, Chassidic, Holiday, Compilations, Festivals, and Soundtracks. The goal of the archive is to preserve the memory of these recordings, both by providing listings of their holdings and by transferring the LPs to CD to the enjoyment of us all.

Bezalel and the Sabras Album CoverThe LP to CD thing has gotten me pretty excited because I found the archive while researching the band Bezalel and the Sabras. I ran across the Sabras on the PCLLinkDump blog, which covers odd audio/visual finds. PCL referenced the Acid Archives of Underground Sound 1965-1982. According to Acid the Sabras are a "Jewish garage band featuring melodic guitar folk instros and reverb rockers, some fuzz. One track from the "Jerusalem" LP (released as by the Sabras only) appears on the "Riot City" compilation." So how cool is that?

And The Israeli Folk Music Archive is going to sell me copies? What a great start to the day. (And it's a great day for a little perk. An elderly family member is very sick. My wife's already flown back East to visit and I may need to fly myself and the kids in for a funeral soon.) I'm going to order one and will let you know how it goes. I may even try to post a few sound samples once I get the disc. Greatness like this should be shared.

Anyway, go check out their listings. Lots of great stuff and maybe just the album you need to perk up your day.

By the way, there's a real question about the legality of an 'out-of-print' LP to CD service. You can read their explanation here along with prices and other policies.

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