Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What they're listening to in South Central (Florida)

South Central Florida is Jewish World Radio territory. I got hip to JWR thanks to Mort, the manager of "Levitikus, a Jewish-American rock band that bases its music on classic and modern rock". It seems that Levitikus is JWR's band of the month. He also sent me copy of the first Levitikus album. I started listening to it today and will let you know what I think once I've had time to live with it a bit.

Jewish World Radio is joint venture of Sephardim and Ashkenazim Othodox Jews in Orlando, Florida. According to the JWR website "Jewish World Radio is the first Jewish bilingual, English and Spanish, Internet radio station for all the Jews. We netcast Jewish music, news and Torah teachings in English and Spanish through the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

JWR polled their listeners recently and put up a "billboard" list of their favorite tracks. I always love seeing what other folks are listening. Particularly when I don't know so many of the groups. I've been listening to the Orthodox/Chassidic side of Jewish music enough now that I can tell Avraham Fried from Eli Gerstner (Fried sounds like Las Vegas R&B and Gerstner sounds like contemporary disco)(No I don't care for either much. Could you tell?). I'll report back if I hear anything interesting from these groups.
1Gorito CosmicoHip Hoop HoodiosThe You Tube
2JerusalemAlpha BlondyThe You Tube
3Am Yisrael ChaiYehuda Glantz Na'ale
4 Habibi Yehzkel SuibAhaba Ve Ahava Boys Choir
5Ani MaaminWorld of BelzWorld of Belz
6Australia Tour ShevaThe You Tube
7 Ani Lo Mesugal Yehuda GlantzGotta Dance
8 Adon Olam Yeshiva Boys YBC
9 Judgement DayJordan Chaviv Baal Teshuva
10 Veahavta Miami Boys Choir Around the Campfire
11Shabbat Shalom Pey Dalid Garden of Eden
12 Sea to Sea Matisyahu Live at Stubbs
13 Azamer Jeff Horvitch Jewish Jazz Cafe
14Klezmer Chicas TsimbiChicas Tsimbi Radio Sefarad.com
15Kadus Kadus Blondie You Tube

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