Friday, April 17, 2009

Miriam & Shoshana in Love

I was grumping a while back about Erran Baron Cohen's poor attempt at Jewish themed kitsch. I'm not against kitsch or parody, but I've got pretty high standards for it. You'd better understand what your poking fun at or don't waste my time. Here's a much much better humorous take on Orthodox Jewish life offered up by film director Oren Kaplan and staring Kara Luiz and Deena Adar. Is it accurate and fair? Of course not. But it's convincing and really funny.

Miriam & Shoshana

If you enjoyed this, Kaplan, Luiz, and Adar have done a couple others together including "Miriam and Shoshana do Channukah" and the Miriam and Shoshana Gansta video. Also, check out this very earnest, very negative, response from Vaad HaInternet, some serious orthodox Jews.

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