Friday, April 30, 2010

Mark Bloom's Jazz Shabbat Suite

Mark BloomShabbat Shalom, everyone.

Whew. I'm looking forward to Shabbat. It's been a long week. I was a bit of a gadfly at the Music Fest meeting, but they kindly didn't run me out on a rail. (Afterwords I was referred to as "Perchik". I was assured it was a compliment. I'm not quite assured. Ah well.)

I haven't had a 'get into to the Shabbat groove' video in a while. But in that spirit, here's a SoundCloud player loaded up with Mark Bloom's Jazz Shabbat Suite. Bloom is a musican and bandleader, as well as a cantorial soloist and liturgical music writer. This is pretty easy listening for me, but well done and just what I needed this afternoon.

Jazz Shabbat Suite by MochaJuden

By the way, Bloom's based in Plymouth, MN, and is a working musician. Give him a yell if you've got a private party, religious program, or educational workshop.

Hat tip to my buddy, MochaJuden, for uploading the track and tweeting about it.

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