Friday, July 2, 2010

Nina Stiller - Polish Jewish club & hip hop

Ilan Rosenberg, host of the Jaffa Jive radio show on Ann Arbor's WCBN, just forwarded me two great Polish Jewish music recommendations. The first, the Bester Quartet (nee' the Crackow Klezmer Band,) I know, love, and have written about before. The second, Nina Stiller, I'd never heard of. Thanks Ilan!

Stiller's wild, singing Yiddish with a smoky voice over varying styles of club music. I haven't got any background info on Stiller other than this four year old product description on
Stiller Comes from Poland Where She is a Singer, Actress, Dancer and Script Writer. For this Album, She Enlisted the Help of Leading Polish Producers Magiera and Agim Dzeljilji, Both Well Known on the Warsaw Independent Theatre and Hip-hop Scenes. Together They have Forged a Thoroughly Modern Sound that Fuses Traditional Jewish Songs with Contemporary Club and Hip-hop Sounds, Updating them Like You've Never Heard Before...yet Still Respecting their Awesome Traditional Past! the Result is a Sophisticated Blend that Will Satisfy Even the Most Fastidious of Listeners. The Disc is Enhanced with Three Videos of the Songs "Mayn Shtetele Belz", "Rivke", "Tshiri Bim".
I'll see if I can track down any more info. While I do...check this out.


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