Thursday, May 26, 2011

Help Asher Barkin's Chassidic Jazz

Asher Barkin is a Cleveland based vocalist and bandleader who plays local simcha gigs with his group the Lyd Orchestra. Barkin's got a great voice and the Lyd Orchestra's got a lot more style than a lot of their peers. Here's a video of theirs to give you an idea of what they're about.

Zamru Set from Asher Barkin on Vimeo.

Barkin started a IndieGoGo campaign to get advance support for his first album. Part of his goal for the disc is to entertain his fans, part is to help land simcha gigs, but, interestingly, part is to help him push the music forward in a way that's hard to do at a commercial gig. Barkin is looking to do music that better integrates the Orthodox music he loves and performs with jazz, which he also loves. Putting together the album will help him work out some of his musical ideas and get them out in front of the world.

So I plunked my $36 down. I'd like to see where Barkin goes with this. Linking Jewish music and jazz isn't a new idea, but I'd like to see how far he can push the simcha band sound and I'd like to see him get better established as a regional band leader.

What about you? Check out his facebook page for more info and the IndiGogo page to lend your support.


pharmacy said...

It's an excellent option, I think it's a good music and it doesn't matters if it's Jew, it's all about good music... who cares if you're Jew? We only want your rhythmics and they are really good.

xlpharmacy said...

barkin is looking to do music that better integrates the Orthodox music he loves loves loves!!!!