Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spamalot & The Jews

It turns out that Spamalot, the musical "lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy Monty Python and The Holy Grail," loves the Jews. Or, at least, thinks 6 minutes praising our supposed dominance of Broadway is time well spent.

Spamalot- You Won't Succeed On Broadway

It could be worse. The Mormon's got a whole play lampooning them, we just got a scene. Though honestly I'd rather see a 'go for the funny bone' South Park style tear down than this "we love Babs and Fiddler" suck up. Weak tea, guys. Weak tea.


Anonymous said...

I saw "Spamalot" at the Dallas Summer Musicals yesterday. That Broadway number you mention was not something I was expecting...
although with Monty Python I suppose anything is grist for the mill. I wondered if Jews might be offended by the stereotypical comment that "Jews run the business", but considering that this musical won the 2005 Tony Award, and I think your assessment is correct....that the musical number was a suck-up, not a put-down. In any case, the musical was funny if a bit overly ridiculous.

Jack said...

Hi and thanks for the comment. I'm a long time Monty Python fan but haven't had the opportunity to see Spamalot. I'm glad it was funny.

In my opinion, the "Jews run the business" gag can go either way. There are a lot of Jews in entertainment, so poking a bit of good natured fun is ok, if a bit tedious after a while. I'm sure blonds are pretty tired of blond jokes too.

On the other hand, I hear a lot of really negative versions of that too. For example, I regularly search twitter for references to "Jewish music" and find a consistent theme of hostility toward Jews in the music industry from musicians and fans in the hip-hop scene. Here are few typical examples from the last 24 hours

"The music industry is ran by a bunch of jewish gay muthafuckas! Can you tell #betawards I didn't even watch but I know"

"Apparently DJ Cali owns the entire music industry...he ain't Jewish tho lol"

"all day shit if i was jewish in the music industry you couldnt tell me shit they stick together like the mexicans!"

These are doubt about it.

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I have saw many bad plays but this one is amazing... i guess that many people should practice more..

m11_9 said...

Jew joke are tired. Should have been scientologists to be funnier.

Further, this part of the play was way too long, really wore it out. They should have given that time to something else from the movie.