Monday, February 27, 2012

Help Kickstart Alison Westermann

As I indicated back in my post about the URJ Biennial, there's a new crew of young musicians emerging in the Reform community. Loosely organized through a musical collective called NuRootz they're adding in their own musical vocabulary of 1990's and 2000's jam-band and alternative-rock sounds to the boomer folk-pop that typifies the established Reform songleader sound. I got a chance to see most of the NuRootz gang perform during the Biennial was impressed, though not always blown away, with the new guard.

One of the NuRootz gang, Alison Westermann, recently put out a Kickstarter appeal for support to record her first full CD. At this point, she's already cleared her goal of $5,000 (yay!) but I want to help get the word out anyway. Don't be shy. You can still get a pre-release of her disc and anything you kick in will give her more funds to produce it.

Here's Alison performing at NewCAGE back in August. Awesome. Love the melody and the intense but languid performance.

Here's a link to Westermann's Kickstarter page

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