Friday, June 19, 2009

Cantors Barry Braun & Ezra Sher Sing Shehecheyanu

Hi Folks, Shabbat Shalom.

For my weekly "get in the Shabbat groove" video, I'm pilfering a great find from the new Chazzunes blog. It's Cantors Barry Braun & Ezra Sher performing for South Africa's Port Elizabeth Hebrew Congregation. The concert was in 2008 but the vocal styles have as much to do with turn of the last century British popular vocal music as it does with traditional nusach.

Ok. I'm not sure the phrase "turn of the last century British popular vocal music" actually means anything, but listen and I'm sure you'll hear what I mean. For a New England kid, it's pretty unique. I wonder if it's considered standard cantorial repertoire in South America?

Cantors Barry Braun & Ezra Sher Sing "Shehecheyanu"

Hat tip to YouTube user DanielShira for posting the video and to the Chazzunes blog for finding it.


joan said...

Hello, I love my two son's to perform this at my daughter's upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Do you know where I can find the music?



Jack said...

Hi Joan, thanks for writing. This will be a trick, but I'll do what I can. I've corresponded with Cantors Braun and Sher before and found out that

"The composer is Meyer Machtenberg. His other famous piece is Retsei. We improvised a bit.... The slow part in the middle was composed by Cantor Shimon Farkas from sydney Australia."

So we can look for the Machtenberg and Farkas scores, but there is no one score. I've emailed Cantor Sher to ask for pointers on finding them.

Anonymous said...
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