Monday, January 4, 2010

Sam Kay...Pop Cantor in training

Sam Kay is a high school student up in West Bloomfield, MI and is studying to be a Reform cantor with Temple Israel cantor Michael Smolash. Kay has stepped in to cover for Temple Israel soloist Neil Michaels and plays with the temple's Yom Sheini band. And now he's cut a music video. (Oh, and there's rumor of record label interest). Not too shabby.

Sam Kay - Raise Your Voice, of Temple Israel, West Bloomfield

I'll be honest that Kay's style is way too smooth pop for me. Not my speed. But he does it well and I could see him building a real fan base in the Rick Recht and Dan Nichols crowd. Or in the secular pop community, if he goes in that direction. I don't have any contact information on Kay yet, so if you loved the video let me know and I'll get you in touch with him once I get the info. Or, you can go check out this article on him written by Mitchell Barnett for Teen2Teen.


Anonymous said...

No body cares about what you think about Sam Kay, he is gonna make it big, so don't preach on how his sound is not good enough for you, you are just jealous that Sam is making a name for himself.

Honey Solomon said...

dat man cold!