Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Serious KlezKamp Swag

My grandmother went to KlezKamp this year. In the words of it's organizers, "Since its founding in 1984, KlezKamp has become the single most important Yiddish cultural event in the world." Without question. And it's the single most important gathering of klezmer and Yiddish folk musicians in the world, too. And my Grandmother went. I'm so proud. She's always been cooler than me. Not only did she have a great time listening to the world-class musicians and learning about Yiddish culture, she collected a bag of swag for her jealous grandson. That'd be me. I just got it in the mail today and haven't even had a chance to call her yet. But I can't resist showing off the loot. Grandma went a little crazy, not that I blame her.

She bought me
Not to mention, she passed along the KlezKamp goodie-bag which had any number of fun bits including
  • David Benedict's "Shofar Service" 1976. Sheet Music
  • Sidney Sukoenig's "May The Words, for mixed choir and organ." 1953. Sheet Music
  • Jill Gellerman's "A Survey of Influences on Hasidic Dance." 2009. Pamphlet.
  • A 1984-1985 copy of the Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy.
  • Advertisements for a "The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus" concert (June in New York City), KlezCalifornia (February in Palo Alto), and Ilana Cravitz book "Klezmer Fiddle: A How-To Guide"
And, because I can't resist. Here's a great video from KlezKamp. Hey Gram, you dancing in there? I'll be you are.

Krakowiak, Yiddish Style


Mark said...

What would it take to get a copy of the music you mentioned that my dad wrote? We don't have a klezcamp here in Syracuse, but had an annual klezmer festival, until a few years ago, when the name was changed to the Jewish Music and Cultural Festival, to accommodate some temple choirs and lots of vendors.
Mark R. Sukoenig

Jack said...

Mark, let's make this happen. We've got a couple of options. I could send you the sheet music from the gift pack or email you a scanned copy. Whichever you prefer. If you'd prefer the paper copy, email me your postal address ( I'd love to hear more about your dad and his compositions. Did he compose a lot of Jewish music?