Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jeremiah Klarman's got one "room-rocking, soul-lifting Halleluyah!"

The folks at Jewish Ideas Daily turned on to a new composer this week. Before I get going on the composer, I should not that I wasn't aware of JID and am quite impressed. It's a nicely laid out arrangement of original writing and selections from the blogosphere. In addition to the composer I'm about to write about, it had a link to a nice article by Menachem Butler (the Michtavim blog)commemorating the fifteenth yahrzeit of Shlomo Carlebach.

Back to the composer.

(From JID) "Of making Jewish music there is no end, but how many contemporary composers of distinguished work in this genre have been featured on From the Top, National Public Radio's program about exceptional young musicians? Jeremiah Klarman, age thirteen when he appeared on the NPR show, may be the sole exception. Now seventeen, with a demonstrated mastery of styles from classical to klezmer, and with chamber, orchestral, and pop compositions under his belt, Klarman has turned his lavish and protean talents to choral music. A premier of his latest work, the cantata Hallel, Shir v'Or ("Praise, Song, and Light"), drawing largely on well-known verses from the book of Psalms, took place in late December at Temple Emanuel in Newton, Mass. Performed by the Zamir Chorale of Boston under the direction of Joshua R. Jacobson, it culminates in a room-rocking, soul-lifting Halleluyah! for chorus and orchestra."

Jeremiah Klarman - Hallel Shir V'Or

For more on Klarman, see JID's article Sing to the Lord!.

Hat tip to Joshua R. Jacobson of the Zamir Chorale for uploading the video to YouTube.

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