Monday, March 21, 2011

Stereo Sinai hits Detroit with a new Purim track

Chag Sameach Purim everyone.

This week is going to be a whirl of activity. The Detroit JCC's Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest kicks off on Wednesday. Big events for me include my "Silver Age of American Jewish Music" talk at the Oak Park Michigan JCC on Thursday night (come one come all!) and the Progressive Jewish Music Showcase on Sunday at the West Bloomfield Michigan JCC. The Progressive Jewish Music Fest is a HUGE deal. As far as I'm aware, there's never been a concert like it in Michigan. It's going to feature Y-Love and Diwon's hip hop, Pitom's alt-rock/jazz and my Chicago buddies Stereo Sinai's biblegum pop.

Stereo Sinai just came out with a cool Purim track, supported by my other buddy Alicio Jo Rabins of Golem and Girls in Trouble. Check it out, and, if you're local come see them play. It'll be a great show.

The Esther Song

Here's Stereo Sinai's description....
"It's taken from a moment in the Book of Esther when Esther realizes she can't just sit there and let the world fall apart. In the song's refrain she says, "‎For how can I endure the evil that shall come unto my people? How can I endure destruction? How can I stand back and watch my kindred suffer?"

Of course she can't, none of us can. She stands up to the king, in front of the King. Where we see the world crumbling - be it as big as an earthquake in Japan or as (seemingly) small as a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on - you do what you gotta do. Here's hoping this song will be a call to action, and a call to empathy. May we not stand idly by."
If you're in Michigan or northern Ohio, come see Stereo Sinai on Sunday (March 27).


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