Monday, March 7, 2011

Wednesday Music Links

Here are some recent links that I've sent out over twitter that haven't turned into their own blog posts:

Ladino - 500 Years Young - a YouTube trailer for a 2005 Israeli film on Sephardi vocalist Yasmin Levy (Hebrew, English subtitles). (hat tip to @IGRKGT)

Sway Machinery gets some love from Pitchfork for their new album "House of the Friendly Ghosts, Vol. 1". JDub kvells.

Reb Yosil offers up a free Rosh Chodesh download. Benji kvells

Ruby Harris plays 'Otchichornya' traditional Russian/Yiddish song on violin (h/t to @JacqueeT)

SoulAviv's uses Kickstarter to fund Soul Gospel Shabbat CD (h/t @bellaluna)

I found out that satellite TV provider DirecTV now offers Jewish Life TV, including a Jewish Music Videos show. (which was playing Orthodox music videos on Shabbat. #Fail)

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