Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jewish Rap music? Not for this kid.

YouTube user likewowwowwow does NOT like Jewish rap. Nope. Not a bit.

My thoughts on Jewish Rap Music

Specifically, she's not impressed with the following BibleRaps track.

Moses Rap - A Pesach / Passover Music Video

She isn't wrong. BibleRaps is an educational outfit, but even for 'educational' Jewish music, this is pretty weak stuff.

But it isn't all weak. Check out Prodezra's Rosh Hashana Song for more thematic Jewish rap done right. For more straight up Jewish rap, likewowwowwow should check out Matisyahu, Socalled, YLove, Kosha Dillz and Eprhyme. (I'd recommend the Hip Hop Hoodios too, but maybe they're a bit adult for her. Hey, I'm a dad... I haven't played HHH for my girls yet either).

So, likewowwowwow... good job! If you do any more reviews let me know.

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