Thursday, July 5, 2012

Introducing, The Y-Studs

The Y-StudsThe great thing about college campuses is there's always another gang of vocalists ready to dedicate their vocal chords to imitating drum kits, guitars, and synths in the name of acapella music. In the Orthodox world, there is extra glory for the brave acappelites... they are single-handedly (single vocal-cordedly?) saving the Orthodox community from a boring music-free Sefira and saving concert promoters from having to rent back-line gear. 

While the Maccabeats may currently be reigning supreme in the Jewish acapella world, Yeshiva University's Y-Studs are on the scene with a new video and album out that should get then a lot of attention. The video, which is their adaptation of Reva L'Sheva's classic "Ahavat Israel Baneshama" (lyrics) doesn't have the breakout flair of the Maccabeats pop-music mashups. But the song choice is great, the vocals are fine and, if you're into Jewish acapella, it's well worth checking out. The video, I should note, is one of the stranger one's I've seen lately. Did someone turn the Village People loose on YU's campus? Just asking.

If you dig the song, it's worth checking out Reva L'sheva. They were a wonderful post-Carlbach group that was active from the mid 90's through the mid 00's. Their front man, Yehuda Katz is still active and put a new album out recently. Reva l'Sheva's albums are still available as well. 

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