Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moshe Hecht's New Video

Moshe Hecht, a Hasidic rocker with a radio friendly 90's college rock sound, dropped his debut album last fall.  I blogged about its first single, Lamplighters, briefly when it first came out. Half a year later, and a brand new video for the album's lead track "Believers" is out.  The video seems to be based on a live concert recording from the Knitting Factory.  Based on the video, I can see Hecht picking up a lot of Blue Fringe fans.

Check it out...

You can grab the debut album and the live recording of Believers from a variety of places including Mostly Music. For the price of your email address for his mailing list, you can get the rest of the Knitting Factory concert (without Believers) at Hecht's website.

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