Wednesday, May 16, 2007


It's grant proposal writing season again at work and I've been pretty busy. I had a few minutes during lunch today to clear my head and wandered around YouTube a bit. I ran into a couple of fun videos that have been out a while, but that I hadn't seen. My favorite was seeing Noa, a popular Israeli vocalist, singing the Alan Parson's Project song "Eye in the Sky." I didn't love her version (it felt like an American Idol moment) but figured I'd share it and a couple other Noa video's that caught my eye.

Noa - Eye In The Sky

Noa - Yuma

Noa - Manhattan Tel Aviv

You can find lots more Noa vidoes on YouTube and a bio here and an interview here. And, if you need (and I certainly needed) to go back to the source, here's a recent video of the real Alan Parsons Project performing "Eye in the Sky." And, yeah, it doesn't quite have edge I remembered either.

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