Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sefira and Jewish A Cappella Pt 2

Until I found out about the Sefira / a cappella music connection, I didn't realize that that Jewish a cappella music was such popular genre. And a genre that is enjoyed all year, not just on Sefira. I haven't been able to find a good history of the genre but Jewish a cappella seems to have taken off as performance music (as opposed to a liturgical music) in the early 1990's. It seems to have been sparked by the popularity of the Columbia University and Jewish Theological Socieity singing group Pizmon and quickly spread across college campuses and from there to Jewish professional musicians (such as Beat'achon). (If anyone can correct this history I'd appreciate it.)

Syracuse University's Oy Cappella

Barnard College's Smadar

Kol Ish Aids Benefit

A.K.A.Pella Riot - A Velt Premier

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