Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Israeli 'Hot Hits' Songbooks and Poster from 1969 and 1971

51 Hot Hits Book JacketSo, I'm not sure why I'm posting about the Israeli '50 Hot Hits' 2 book and poster set instead of just plunking down my credit card and gloating. I guess the pictures are just too good not to share.

Anyway, if you scoot over to eBay really quick you might score yourself the following:

1. 2 Jewish Hebrew Song books + poster 1969 ( 101 songs) by Nurit Hirsh and Ehud Manor

Nurit Hirsh is one of Israel's leading composers. A graduate of the Music academy in Tel Aviv. Ms Hirsh composed hundreds of songs that have become standards in Israel music including the Eurovision winner Abanibi.

Ehud Manor composed many well-known songs including Ein Li Eretz Acheret (I Have No Other Country), Brit Olam (World Covenant), BaShanah HaBaah (In The Next Year), Zo Yalduti HaShniya (This Is My Second Childhood), and Achi HaTza'ir Yehuda (My Younger Brother Yehuda). He wrote over 1,250 Hebrew compositions and translated more than 600 works into Hebrew including such Broadway hits as Cabaret and Les Misérables.

2. Hot Hits - 51 songs Edited by Ran Kedar / 1971
Here are some of the more interesting photos...

51 Hot Hits Book Jacket

If any Teruah reader wins the eBay auction, please send me a note. I'd love to hear about it.

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