Friday, March 28, 2008

Sportin' anti-swastika tattoos - NOFX's "We're the Brews"

Jewish punk doesn't get better than this.

NoFX - The Brews -Warped Tour

The full lyrics are available here.

And by the way, I ran across this song listening to my handy-dandy Live FM Jewish Music player (over there, to the left, the big red thing). I'd heard NoFX before, but hadn't heard this one.

Update: I just found an article on NOFX focusing on Fat Mike, the Jewish lead singer in the San Diego Jewish Journal.

Hat tip to YouTube user daapunisher for posting the video.


shira0607 said...

I saw a similiar youtube of this band singing We're the Brews at a concert held in Germany.

Jack said...

Hi Shira, Thanks. I'll have to look for that one. I know that it's one of their most popular songs and that a bunch of other bands have covered it. Maybe I'll do a follow up post with some of the covers (if I can find them online).