Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Marc Сhagall Passion / Strasty po Shagalu

As I've noted before, I'm a big fan of animation and love the chance to showcase it here. I don't speak Russian, so I can't comment on the narration, but the visuals are quite good. This appears to be a nice mix of stop motion animation (my favorite) with some computer generated effects. The music is described as being "Folk Jewish Music" by the Kristall-Balalayka Folk Band. I went to their English language website, but couldn't find any more information.

Marc Сhagall Passion / Strasty po Shagalu (Part 1)

If you like this, check out "Strasty po Shagalu / Marc Сhagall Passion - 2007 - (Part 2)".

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