Monday, October 20, 2008

New Matisyahu EP and Tour (I'm going, how about you?)

Matisyahu's New EP: ShatteredNews of this is already bouncing around the net, but I thought I'd help publicize it. Matisyahu, everyone's favorite Hasidic reggae / hip hop musician, has a new EP out and a new tour underway. My wife and I will be catching him this Thursday at the Fillmore East in Detroit. Can't wait. Here's the official blurb...

On October 18, Grammy-nominated artist Matisyahu will begin an extensive fall tour across North America, including stops in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The tour coincides with the release of his upcoming EP, Shattered (Epic Records, October 21). The four-song EP features tracks from his new full-length album, Light (due out in early 2009). Matisyahu will guide fans through songs from this forthcoming album during listening parties after each show on the fall tour. In addition, fans at each show will be offered a FREE download of a bonus track from Light along with the opportunity to receive a FREE audio download of a Matisyahu concert of their choice. Limited edition posters specially designed for each show on the tour will be available as well. "

The four song EP is available through iTunes, but you can grab yourself "Smash Lies" now courtesy of Pollstar (scroll to the bottom of the page) or check out the sampler...

Hat tip to the Life of Rubin blog and the Jewish Music Review blog.

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