Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me - Israeli Eurovision Disco Style

This week, all over the world, Jews built partied, blasted music, and built bonfires to celebrate my birthday. Or was that all for Lag B'omer? Oh well.

But yesterday was my birthday. Age 39. As a birthday present, my buddy Binyomin Ginzberg, of JewishMucian.Com, sent me this video of the Israeli band Eden singing "Happy Birthday" in the 1999 Eurovision contest. The video cracks me up and I've had to watch it about a dozen times. Its return of joyful disco, sort of a Village People revival without the costumes.

It's great when your friends know what you want for your birthday.

Happy Birthday- Eden (Israel eurovision 1999)

Hat tip to YouTube user BigBentz2005 for posting the video.

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Mottel said...

Happy Birthday!

hypersemitic said...

wow-I promise I did not see this happy birthday post when I put this up 6 days later:

Jack said...

grin..great minds think a like, right?