Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Hatikvah Adventure

Back in March I got an email from Jennie Star, director of Tarbuton, a San Diego organization dedicated to adding a little Israeli culture to San Diego. She had a quest. She need some help. Something really specific. She wanted the backing track to the Francky Perez and Broadway arrangement of Hatikvah. You see, she had a group of girls wanting to sing it out loud for the "San Diego Celebrates Israel" Festival 2009, all they needed was the music to sing to.

Fortunately for Jennie, this was an easy one. I'd already been in touch with Francky and he was happy to loan Jennie the backing track. My part was done, and now it was the girls turn, with Jennie leading the way and documenting the adventure..

Tarbuton & Kef Li San Diego - HaTikva - For Kochav Nolad Shelanu - San Diego

The girls made their video and were accepted to perform at the Yom Haatzmaout Festival last week. Congrats girls!

You can catch the full version of the Francky Perez and Broadway "Hatikva" video at YouTube.

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