Friday, May 22, 2009

Kum tsu mir in kholem, Reyzl

A nice Yiddish love song popped up on YouTube this morning. I don't run into a lot of Yiddish music that isn't part of a contemporary klezmer or shiny shoe (orthodox pop) show, so I thought I'd share it. The song is Reyzle by Mordechai Gebirtig (b. 1877, Krakow - d. 1942, Krakow) a popular Yiddish poet and songwriter. For Gebirtig's full bio and song list, as well as recordings of a dozen other performers signing Reyzl see SavetheMusic.Com. The YouTube video doesn't give any performer credits, but I think this is the Ami Flammer, Moshe Leiser and Gérard Barreaux version from their lovely 1985 Radio France album "Chansons In Yiddish."

(All useful info here came from, an amazing resource for Jewish music of all sorts.)

Reyzele - Mordkhe Gebirtig

Hat Tip to YouTube user Sasha365i for posting the video. Sasha3651 has a large collection of Yiddish videos, check 'em out.

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